About Us

Jamie and Dani are two competitive CrossFit athletes and fitness junkies, one from the West coast and the other from the East coast, who fatefully met in 2015 when they were members of the same Phoenix Rise GRID team. Quickly, their sarcastic, adventurous, food-loving and playful personalities got along, and they became good friends. Both are gym- owners and athletes.

Between the two of them, they have 11 CrossFit Regionals appearances and 3 CrossFit Games appearances. As two strong entrepreneurial women, they believe in living a healthy lifestyle through working out, but doing so in the most comfortable, and let’s be real, cutest clothes possible. As athletes with a passion for fitness and fashion, they felt the need to bring the best quality clothes to men and women of the fitness community. Hope you enjoy!

Jamie Hagiya & Dani Resha